• Contributor – Damien Sandras

    Damien sandras is the Chief Operating Officer at Be IP, he has contributed to the Telic white paper.

    Read Damien Sandras contribution : Session initiation protocol (SIP)

    I am currently leading Be IP, the Belgian expert in Open Telecommunications.
    I am also the creator and developer of the Ekiga VoIP and videoconferencing software. Apart from this, I participated to the creation of the FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting) conference and organized this big event during 8 years.
    I am a long-time Free Software proponent and a strong believer in standards and in VoIP technologies.
    Specialties:Software Development (Unix, Open Source, …) ; Voice over IP and IP Telephony ; Project Management ; People Management

    You can fin him on LinkedIn : http://goo.gl/g3M06s


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